Friday, 2 March 2012

Love you until my Last Breath . :)

Puteri Nur Mazuin is married with Mohammad Afendi ? OMG ! betol kea ? absolutely , TRUTH . :) dun shocking-II taw . ta sngke drpd kite KWN then Couple lastly MARRIED . aww , bhgienye idop Erry meyh . Erry syg n cinte sgt-II dkt you . you always make me laugh n make me sad . you antre lelaki yg jrng i jmpe n knl sblom-II nyhh . you DIFFRENT gile . ^^ why i talking like that ? becoz ta prnh ade boys yg snggop menanges or kua an airmate dea utk i . thats why i LOVE YOU SO MUCH . mcm-II hlngn n rntgn slame kite bersame . kite trime dgn redha jea . whatever poeple talking about us , i buad endah ta endah jea . you sanggop doing anything for me . thnks syg . thnks you so much . :) i hargai sgale-IInye . tade sape dpt pisahkan kite walaupun ALLAH S.W.T becoz i lbeh menyayangi you than others . without you my life like hura-hara , tawu tak ? so , please jgn TINGGALKAN i k . ^^ we PROMISE each other , rite ? smoge hubungan kite KEKAL ABADI until my LAST BREATH . syg n rindu sgt-II dkt you . btw , bile lha kite bule jmpe ann ? rindu lha dkt you , syg . Loveyousomuch . <3 muahhh . :*

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